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Lenzr Photo Contest: Summer in Toronto

Summer in Toronto, Lenzr, photo contest, best cell phone plans, smart phoneThis month and August 2009 Lenzr is running a photo contest Summer in Toronto an urban photography contest with a cool prize for the most popular photograph (as decided by the members who vote green thumbs up) What’s the prize exactly? a smart phone!

The best cell phone plans website in Canada is sponsoring this contest and rewarding the winner with the smart phone of their choice.

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What would you choose? A blackberry or iPhone or Pre or … well
what else is there?
You can get any type of phone you like… and trust
me this is the plan to get the best plan. So right up until the end of August, the people of Toronto of all ages are motivated to snap and submit photos of summer wherever they find it in the GTA.

Contest ends midnight August 31st, 2009 . The winning image is the picture with the most green thumbs up votes at that time.

The winner, the user that submitted the winning photo, may choose
any one (1) smart phones that are available in the Canadian Wireless
industry, this includes, but is not limited to the iPhone, Blackberry,
Pre, etc More details on Canada’s best phone plans website, our sponsor
the My Terms Network Inc.

Lenzr is for local images of specific cities

Toronto photo contestLooking for local photographers? Check out a new photo contest website that has just appeared online in Toronto to engage shutter bugs and bloggers in unique assignments recording precious moments in their neighbourhoods. The web destination brokers one specific commodity, local pictures, and right now its just local pictures of Toronto skylines, but someday it’ll contain “local”pictures of cities all over the world – images that are local to voters in every major market.


Best Toronto Skyline asks visitors to rate pics with the city on the horizon.

lenzr photo contest

Contest ends midnight August 31st 2009 when the winner triumphantly collects a 12-megapixel Pentax Optio P70 wide-angle 4x optical zoom lens (27.5-110mm equiv.) and 2.7 inch LCD display, the camera can also capture 720p HD video at 15 fps. contests last for sixty days; there are six contest periods every year – all this is described on All Canada Contests.