New Blog in New Brunswick

There is a new blog in Saint Johns New Brunswick called the Port City Post. This new platform is the property of a Canadian woman who has taken on the task of dutifully reporting the happenings of her hometown.  This blog is a new inside look at the port of Saint Johns, New Brunswick Canada.
Port City banner

Tina McWilliams with the support of her husband Jordan has planted a germ of an idea – a very good idea – in a WordPress blog Petrie dish.
Soon we may see a forest of amazing content that relates to that wonderful city by the sea.

Harbour St JohnsTina needs to get work installing the monikers of online community in her blog sidebar, and she needs to register with some upscale blog indexes and swim in deeper water… Also her posts are too long and need more pictures and subtitles. These are the hallmarks of a beginning blogger with passion to spare but no style yet… it will happen… real soon.

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Bee Propolis for sale on

Rob Campbell the son of a beekeeper has targeted the soon-to-be-popular health and wellness keyword ‘bee propolis’ around which to build a unique online business. Now it’s possible to buy bee propolis for sale on the Smojoe blog using 3rd party shopping cart software provided by

bee propolis in modern medicine and cuisineBee propolis is a rare and precious substance which Smojoe can collect with energy and dedication while extracting honey from comb frames at Campbell’s Honey . In the month of August 2009 the third son of the beekeeper collected 2kgs of genuine Canadian bee propolis from honey supers using his hive tool.

Propolis is the sticky wax and pine resin gum that honeybees use to hold their hives together.  It may have some medicinal properties but all I know is that propolis sticks to everything and that’s why honeybees love it so much.

honey bee propolis from Canada, close up

The substance stops drafts, and helps the bees ventilate  the queen’s brood chambers below the honey boxes – the pine resin constituents might possible  sanitize each bee’s tiny feet as she walks about their home.

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The Time Manager at Bristall Morgan

Look here. The third photo challenge on Lenzr is sponsored by a time management guru who is also the author of a book called ‘Cool Time’. Steven Prentice is the president of Bristall Morgan which specializes in using new techology to increase office efficiency.

Emergency in Toronto

Submit pictures of Toronto cop, fireman and paramedics  in action and you could win a luxury watch. This exciting theme was selected because it best represents time management, and could serve to remind the public of this sponsor’s vocational seminars. Time is definitely precious to Toronto’s first response workers, and the organizers hope to harvest images that suggest speed and action.

Time management

The prize in this online event is an Esquire Verve silver-tone men’s watch with four diamonds. This timepiece has Quartz movement, is water-resistant and features a stainless steel bracelet with butterfly clasp.

Please dont risk your life or anyone elses chasing firetrucks

Toronto police, firemen and EMS techs are good time managers, especially when responding to a crises. If you can photograph their precious seconds and your image becomes the most popular picture in the match, you’ll win an Esquire Verve 2020 watch donated by Steven Prentice of Bristall Morgan.

Contest Ends August 31st, 2009

To win this photo contest you must be  in the right place at the right time.

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