PEZ is Portable Luxury Candy Collectible

Pink Panther PEZ Dispenser, and Shrek Donkey PEZ  Dispenser, are two models have been earmarked by Steve Reynolds as hot collectibles for the future. He has his reasons for taking them out of the original packaging – how else can he play with them?

Steve Reynolds, Pink Panther PEZ, Shrek Donkey PEZ, antiques,

The Pink Panther PEZ Dispenser is Special

Thanks Steve Reynold for giving up a matter of time to show me around your store. I wrote about my own encounter with a Pink Panther PEZ Dispenser on Robsome, and that rendition grew larger and then transformed itself  into an article on Dumpdiggers.

My own unmitigated passion for the past has propelled me closer to Collecting PEZ Dispensers in the Dumpdiggers Library.  I also started a thread on the Dumpdiggers discussion forum inviting folks to upload pictures of their own PEZ collections.

Paul Kenyon sits behind a great big desk at 185 Eastern Avenue in Toronto. The words Portable Luxury imply a strange request for images of ‘luxurious convenience’.  So its safe to assueme the Lenzr admin intends to collect shots of  things people can take with them if they are  ‘on the run’; objects people can use to get comfortable somewhere else in the world. The Portable Luxury photo contest on Lenzr is looking for handheld luxury items.  How do you move your comfort zone?

The prize is a Las Vegas vacation for two people courtesy of the portable toilet rentals company sponsor that’s arranged to provide airfare and hotel accommodation for two people for three days and two nights in Las Vegas.

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