The Writing Hero Behind Ancestry Guru Does Production Planning with Organic Ingredients

Metro Toronto convention center, Rob Campbell, small business forumWho’s the real hero behind Ancestry Guru?

Roberrific the Son of a Beekeeper is the principal writer. Here’s Rob standing tall as one of three sharp dressed men at the Small Business Forum in the Metro Toronto Convention Center on Tuesday Oct 18th, 2011.  Rob Campbell stands beside Jim Pagiamtzis and his friend Tom moments after they donned their special passport badges; they were heading into the trade show floor when I made them pause for a picture and we took several with a variety of smiles

That was around 10am in the morning and it wasnt until 11am that I attended the best session of the day. I had the good fortune to meet Jeff Quipp before his presentation and I wrote about

Jeff Quipp CEO SearchEngine People with Rob Campbell CEO Lenzr CorpRoberrific of Lenzr Corp detailed Jeff Quipp Search Engine People Speaks SEO Small Business on the Page One Program blog

Jeff Quipp is a very good speaker and did a lovely job explaining the basics of SEO to a room filled with Facebook and Twitter savvy small business owners that are eager to take a DIY approach to marketing and as such they are keen to absorb as much as they can about social media contests and other unique strategies that are cost efficient and clever.

Recently the hero behind Ancestry Guru was called into action to write an article about a prolific writing team in Prince George BC as Arob12 wrote about Will Lewis being profiled on Canada Blog Friends, along with some insights into the life  and racial challenges of an aboriginal online magazine publisher.

On a more religious note the son of beekeeper waxed poetic and gave recent glimpses of the differences between medieval beekeeping and the art and science of a modern commercial apiarist and even more miscellaneous insights into the harvest of rare earths, minerals and organic ingredients for making bread and dinner buns.

Which brings me to the Art of Bread Making on Xanga and the secrets of soliciting votes for pictures on social media contests is also explained there

Harvesting Honey in Eastern Ontario Canada

Here’s a snapshot of some of the 2011 Honey Crop at Campbells Honey, this image is something that might be accepted into a photo contest concerning Warehouse Stockpiles on Lenzr. Here are seven barrels of Canada #1 White Honey ready to be shipped to market. I wrote about this Canadian harvest in an article The Business of Beekeeping in Southern Ontario that was picked up by Bizcovering magazine. Look closely in the background you can see boxes and a freezer that was filled with plastic tubs of creamed white honey.

2011 Campbell's Honey Crop

WHAT IS CREAMED HONEY?  There is nothing added to the pure honey to make it creamy. The process involves mixing the fresh honey with a small amount of highly granular seed honey which teaches the liquid how to harden into a compact crystaline shape rather than the loose crystal pattern that would otherwise occur naturally. The honey is placed in the freezer and it hardens quick according to the code imparted by the tiny crystals from the creamed honey seed (last year’s creamed honey). I wonder if it would be worth saving some creamed honey in a seed bank with sophisticated inventory management and calling it an insurance expense.

removing queen excluders, Canadian beekeeping, business, production planning

Packing the honey in barrels and bottles and cardboard boxes is the last step in the honey production planning ritual that occurs every year at Campbell’s Honey in Warkworth Ontario.

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