HPIbet Horse Canada Fashion

Racehorses are what children might imagine when they mount the ‘school horses’ in the riding stables where they get riding lessons.


Kids Love Riding Horses, and Dads Should Too!

The Kentucky Derby is the longest-lived sporting event in American history, dating back to 1875. A crowd of 155,000 is expected to be watching the race in person, while upwards of 16 million more will tune in on TV.

The Derby is one of the most heavily wagered events of the year too—some $130 million bet each year on the books, and untold millions more on the black market. With interest in horse racing reaching the high point of the year, we got to wondering whether it makes more sense to invest as a racehorse owner (or part owner) rather than simply plunking down your money with the masses. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you’re thinking of trotting down that path.

Looking for Flips? Big Things to Buy & Sell in your Side Hustle

Consider the young race horse as an investment. Is it better or worse than the ‘case of wine’ base investment against inflation hypothesized by Martin Shuleman? Probably worse, as the stakes are higher and the losses more profound. The photo below is a list of race horse ‘losers’ that are still beautiful animals, but not worth millions.


This is central to many Canadian cultural themes and this breeds fashion and lifestyle – look at Street Chic.

Equestrian Fashion at the 2017 Royal Winter Fair

fashion was very much on display and very much in vogue among competitors when Street Chic went inside the Horse Palace on the Exhibition Grounds to get a glimpse of the people inside North America’s foremost indoor equestrian event.

The Horse Palace is a modern stables complex built around an indoor riding ring, and this sand bottom arena is one of four competition venues at the show.  The two-story building is cut into rows of stalls and accommodates about three hundred and fifty horses. Various riding stable businesses set up shop to buy and sell hay, riding gear and the same horses for sale in Horse Canada magazine. All through the building visitors can spot celebrities including our nation’s past and present Olympians, and other top caliber riders and their celebrity horses. The Royal Horse Show offers these professionals the highest level competition in Equestrian sport – specifically Show Jumping, Indoor Eventing and Dressage.

Below is Dee Scott from Forest Hill Farm wearing her riding attire. Her outfit may look uniform to the untrained eye, but equestrians are particularly stylish people and seek brand labels and the latest fashions just like other athletes.

Forest Hill Farm - Dee Scott

This young rider is wearing Tucci Boots, Struck Breeches and an R.J. Classic riding jacket.

Equestrian Fashion at Horse Palace

Streetchic helps readers who are riders on their search for more comfortable riding clothing.  This riders interviewed told the author that these were her favourite riding pants.  The company sponsors many equestrian riders and competitions to help research better products and they were among the many exhibitors with goods on display and for sale in the Exhibitor hall opposite the Ricoh Coliseum.

Below is an equestrian collectible glimpsed on Sharing Toronto.

Equestrian Heritage Preserved at Treasure Hunt Antiques, Etobicoke

The horse who had captivated the imagination of the racing public in America for nearly two years won that race over ‘slick’ conditions on the Marshall Turf Course before a very large audience of 35,117 people. Woodbine Racetrack would be lucky to get half that attendance today, and that’s not because people have lost interest in gambling, but because today people don’t travel to the races to gamble on horses anymore. HorsePlayer Interactive came along twenty years ago, and today the next generation mobile app HPIBET is avail across Ontario and most of Canada.

And the equestrian collectibles didn’t stop there.  Ben had something else up his sleeve, literally, his own watch.Rafinni-TO2

Horse racing is in Ben Freedman’s blood, and when he was the proprietor of a busy men’s clothing store in the late nineteen sixties and early 1970s, he would frequently take friends and family to Woodbine Racetrack for an evening’s entertainment.  This watch, emblazoned Raffini has quite a story.

“My store was called Playboy Shop Men’s Fashions and was situated at Jane and Wilson. There was an
antique white 1952 Jaguar Mark V outside on a cement podium. It became a landmark. The store was started by my brother Jake, who was a brilliant multi-talented menswear icon (he designed made-to-measure hipster pants and suits) who at one time owned a chain of four men’s fashion stores (called Jake’s StyleLeaders in the 1950’s in downtown T.O.). Jake started Playboy Shop in the early 1960’s and I joined him full-time in 1972. I later became his partner and later renamed the store Raffini Men’s Fashions in the 1980’s. Raffini is a word I created from the Italian noun Raffinatezza, meaning Refinement. At one time I had two Raffini stores, one on Jane and the other on Front Street.” Ben Freedman 28 Sept 2017

In Ben’s long life he’s seen some incredible racehorses and horse races. He’s personally witnessed great races in which some of the most famous horses in Canadian history have run, including Northern Dancer.


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