Tweetsteria Pays Singles To Play Trivia

Single in the City, Tweetsteria at Cagney's

Raymi the Minx helps Laura Bilotta of Single in the City host the first ever Tweetsteria Singles Trivia game at Cagney’s steakhouse in Mississauga Ontario. The grand prize winner @S_Tam won eight of the twenty one challenges and collected a $160 in prize money plus Laura’s new book plus a Donato Spa Package worth over $100.  AND Bonus she also collected the phone number (and real life Twitter handle) of the man who helped her win the game.  Tweetsteria really worked for this player and I’m sure we’ll see her again at the next match.

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Golf Lessons: Winning Characteristics of the Best Junior Golfers

Golf is a unique sport in that the best players come in all different shapes and sizes; there’s no ideal body type for this physical and mental game. Short and chubby players can do just as well as…

Source: Golf Lessons: Winning Characteristics of the Best Junior Golfers

interoral camera

The Barrie Dentist with X-ray Eyes

superman with x-ray visionSuperman is the best known fictional hero with “x-ray vision”. This skill lets him see what’s behind brick walls, and in the trunks of cars and transport trailer trucks, so he doesn’t have to break down doors and disrupt other people’s lives everywhere he goes on his missions to save planet Earth and humans in distress.

But there are other types of enhanced vision abilities that other superheroes have… For example have you ever heard of Chemo Vision? That’s the ability to see pheromone output.  Gamma Vision is the ability to see gamma radiation. Emotion Vision is the ability to read auras, and is actually a common skill among psychics, mystics and seers. This vision upgrade lets folks see the emotional well being of others.  Energy Vision is the ability to see hidden and or unused power sources. .. and so on.

Barrie dentist has cameras that let her see cavities and cancer.

interoral camera inter oral camera, back of teeth inter oral cameraInspired by superheroes, Barrie dentist at Big Bay Point Dentistry has purchased some very advanced scientific gadgets that give her super powers – she has enhanced optical  equipment which allows her to look close at her patient’s teeth and go on a hunt for cavities and cancerous lesions. A mouth ulcer is the loss or erosion of part of the delicate tissue that lines the inside of the mouth (mucous membrane). Some causes can include certain prescription drugs, and infectious diseases such as herpes or thrush.

In most cases, mouth ulcers are harmless and resolve by themselves in a few days without the need for medical treatment. Aphthous ulcers are recurring ulcers found in mouth tissue with no known cause that affect one in five people on Earth.

Interoral Cameras Show Clients’ Dental Caries

The CS 1500 Intraoral Camera generates remarkably sharp images and has a great depth of field.  The CS 1500 Camera is an all-in-one solution for dental digital photography stills and videos.  From full arch to macro views, the camera delivers consistently clear, high-resolution images that can be easily shared with patients.

The mechanism makes crisp visuals that help dentists explain treatment options because they can actually show the problems and perfectly describe the solutions.  This particular camera’s advanced sensor and lens can easily view even the smallest cracks, caries and lesions.

Dentist uses Velscope to look for cancer.

velsocope3The Velscope was recently developed by LED Dental and is marketed today an oral cancer-screening device. It does not diagnose cancer, but is an adjunct to the oral examination.  That’s why its called an adjunctive device, It is, by all accounts, a fantastic non-invasive screening device.

Holding onto the pistol grip like a magnifying glass, the dentist shines a safe blue light into the patient’s mouth. Today this device is cordless and lightweight, making it exceptionally portable, but earlier models were much heavier, bulkier, and much more expensive.

How does VELscope Work?

adjunctive device, velscopeWhen viewed through the VELscope’s patented filters, healthy tissue fluoresces green. Suspicious tissue, oral abnormalities that may be oral cancer, has a different fluorescence signature, and will appear as dark, irregularly shaped patches. If a suspicious lesion is detected, the hygienist will normally have the dentist view it using the VELscope as well. In some cases, questioning the patient may reveal that he or she burned her mouth eating hot food.  However if the lesion cannot be explained, the dentist will normally ask the patient to return for a follow-up screening in two or three weeks. If the condition has not improved, the dentist will usually perform a surgical biopsy or refer the patient to a specialist.

velscope2The VELscope is a discovery device, not a diagnostic device. Only a surgical biopsy can provide an accurate diagnosis of a lesion. In some cases the diagnosis will be cancer, pre-cancer or dysplasia, but more often some other type of oral disease will be diagnosed. Examples include lichen planus and bacterial, viral and fungal infections. While these conditions are clearly much less serious than cancer, they are conditions that need to be discovered and treated.

One person in North American dies every hour of every day from oral cancer related illness, and many of those who survive the disease are forced to deal with lengthy, painful treatment and permanent disfigurement. The main problem is that oral cancer is typically discovered in late stages, when the five-year survival rate is only around 30%.

veloscope imagesUsing Velscope the Dentist Can find other anomalies besides cancer. Cleared by the FDA, and approved by Health Canada, and the World Health Organization, the VELscope is the world’s most widely used adjunctive device for the discovery of,

  • Viral, fungal and bacterial infections
  • Inflammation from a variety of causes (lichen planus and lichenoid reactions, allergy to amalgam fillings, etc.)
  • Squamous papillomas;
  • Salivary gland tumors;
  • Cancer and pre-cancer;
  • Other oral mucosal conditions…

Detecting oral abnormalities early leads to more treatment options, potentially less invasive or radical treatments and better patient outcomes.  Read about this Barrie dentist on Yelp and search for other dental clinics in Barrie that have this or other super devices. Post by on Oct 18, 2014

The Emerging Retro Future Art Movement in Toronto

One thing about being the Ancestry Guru on WordPress is how it leaves me perfectly positioned to comment on the emergence of a Retro Future art movement on the internet.  Anyone who uses Twitter and subscribes to artists’ feeds is probably aware of how big the hashtag has become… And it just seems to be getting more and more popular in that medium.  Do you know what Retro Future even means?  Its art that depicts yesterday’s vision of tomorrow.  Clicking #retrofuture on Twitter will transport users to a thought-sphere of Retro Future art.

OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS at Galleries in Toronto.  Retro Future is red hot right now,


Hashtag Gallery at 801 Dundas St W in Toronto is hosting a Retro Future Art Show scheduled to start at 7pm on Thursday July 3rd 2014.   Artists are invited to submit work in this theme that they wish to sell.  No painting will be sold for more than $300 – with the single exception being the Best in Show, which is the name of the game.  The show is curated by Graeme Luey, and seeks golden age sci fi glimpses of yesterday’s perception of the future.  There’s also particular quest to find a piece that will ideologically ennoble a cozy meeting room inside a boutique advertising agency in a historic part of the city.


This piece above is from Toronto artist Ruth Wilgress and celebrates her vision of the future.

Retro Future is an emerging term used to applaud the more technologically primitive artist of the past’s vision of the future.  And it celebrates highly stylized art over accurate predictions.  The Jetsons would indeed be considered Retro Future, although probably the most pedestrian example of what are so many brilliant examples found on Twiiter or Flickr or PhotoBucket these days, or by doing a Google Image Search for Retro Future Art.

green living blog

Green Living Blog TV Show in Toronto

Yesterday I donated 336 Glass Jars to the Bleecker Welselley Activity Network for their upcoming cooking classes. You can read more about my Earth Day charity action on the advice of my green living blog friend on Smojoe
336 glass jars donated to the Bleecker Welselley Activity network for senior citizens
Dog appIn other news, Urban Dog fitness spa / interview with Susan Rupert the owner of this amazing business is profiled on The Distillery District blog which showcases the use of modern technology including close circuit televisions so dog owners can watch their pet exercising with other dog remotely, to improve the quality of life for pets and owners and create jobs and happiness. The dog app was featured on Mashable.

Its a cool story all around and fits nicely beside the iPhone dog app innovation to allow dog owners to get together to walk their dogs and share their neighbourhood parks and scenic streets and maybe there is safety in numbers

The Urban Dog profile story got a lot of attention on the Distillery Facebook page.

coffee table made form recycled hardwood pallet

Toronto green TV blogger Nikki Fotheringham writes a green living blog in which she often demonstrates that green solutions can be aesthetically pleasing as well as environmentally sustainable.  and in many cases success depends on a third criteria which is whether or not the green option being showcased is economically viable as a market alternative.

I have begun crowd sourcing ideas for another TV show – green house

Earlier today I asked for ideas and pictures and ideas for recycled industrial material as household furniture items. I asked about green living on University Network, and i asked about green living furniture ideas on Red Flag Deals which i expect will get lots of attention. And i asked about green living blog on Canadian Content discussion forum and its got some feedback already.

Canadian Harvest – an Age-Old Tradition

Harvest time has always been a big deal in North America; take for example this popular song called “Shine on Harvest Moon”. Recorded over a hundred years ago in 1906, this song is still relevant to harvest season: “Snow time ain’t no time to stay outdoors and spoon,” are some of the lyrics… I wonder if “spoon” meant something different back then?
I’d thought the first day of autumn was today but it turns out it’s still summer…go figure, just when I’d gotten used to it. Anyway, in honour of autumn starting up in two days on September 23, Lenzr has just put out a great new photo contest!

Canadian Harvest Photo Contest on Lenzr

Lenzr wants to see imagery of the Canadian Harvest–show us what’s growing in Canada before the frost. Pumpkins, apples, gourds and squash, wild blueberries… Harvest is a happy time because of the plentiful crops, but it’s also a little anxious because it’s the last food of the season. Try to capture these emotions and more in your photograph and you could win a great prize!

The prize is $400 in cash + a photo licensing agreement with the contest’s sponsor, a brand personality consultant who wants to license your winning photograph to her website.

This contest started September 1, 2011. Voting begins October 15, after which the  top ten  user-ranked photos advance to the sponsor for judging. The winning photograph will be announced on November 1, 2011.

Metal World Photo Contest on Lenzr

Can you think of any cities made entirely of metal? No? That’s because there aren’t any…yet. This new Lenzr contest, Metal World, is asking for submissions depicting a futuristic-looking setting made entirely of metal. A black-and-white setting on your camera might lend  a formidable ambiance to your photograph–make it cold and impersonal!

The prize is a Sony Laptop with a very unique skin, courtesy of this contest’s sponsor, an Ottawa metal roofing company.

This contest started on September 1, 2011, Voting starts October 15, after which the top ten user-ranked photos advance to the Lenzr judges. The winning photograph will be announced on November 1, 2011.

Landscaping and Lawn Care Photo Contest

This is an interesting time of year because September and early October contain the best of two seasons–summer and fall. The new Landscaping and Lawn Care photo contest on Lenzr is looking for submissions from late September–show the judges gardens in their zenith–flowers reaching up to catch the last rays of the summer sun.

The prize for this contest is $250 in eco-friendly garden tools, courtesy of an 100% emissions free property maintenance company.

This contest started on September 1, 2011. Voting starts on October 15, after which the top ten user-ranked photos advance to the Lenzr judges. The winning photograph will be announced on November 1, 2011.