Lenzr.com: New Look, New Contests

Lenzr.com has been quietly revolutionizing the concept of online storytelling for the past two years through its serial photo contests. Now, as of June 1, 2011, Lenzr.com has an updated website featuring new technology so compelling it’s possible that photo contests may be the next big thing in terms of online marketing. It’s still essentially the same great site: budding photographers compete with each other, upload photos to the sponsored contests, persuade their friends and family to vote on their work and vie for real prizes whilst participating in a competitive, but also encouraging, photography community.

What the new site offers that the old Lenzr.com never had are ‘Community Contests’. These contests can be set up by anyone (an individual, business or organization) at any time, to show (not tell) the world about a story topic of their choice.

In addition to these exciting new changes, Lenzr.com has just launched four new sponsored contests, for prizes of laptops and digital cameras!

Summer Photo Contests on Lenzr.com

Construction Sights Photo Contest on Lenzr.com

The Construction Sights photo contest is hoping to receive submissions illustrating a necessary summer protocol in the city: Construction. Like the glass analogy, there are two ways of looking at construction sites–positive or negative. On one hand, it’s hot, there’s dust flying around, and your bus has been detoured thanks to another construction delay. On the other hand, roads are being improved, housing is being created and many people are busily employed with construction work. There are two sides to this story–show us how you feel about the Construction Sights in your area and win!

The prize is a Sony laptop, courtesy of this contest’s sponsor, a family-owned Ottawa roofing company.

Best Office Staff Party Photo Contest on Lenzr.com

The Best Office Staff Party is looking to see submissions that juxtapose a stuffy office environment with a rollicking good time. How does your office let loose? Mini cupcakes? Interns working the ‘bar’? Who’s the life of the party–your boss? Show us your hilarious office party moments and don’t forget to include a sentence or two to put the photo in context. Also, while we want to see shots of people having a great time, make sure your co-workers are OK with your entry before submitting it–we are not responsible for any trouble you might cause!

The prize is a Sony laptop, thanks to an incredible IT staffing agency located in downtown Toronto.

The A Counting Exercise photo contest is looking for submissions featuring a repeating visual pattern to be counted. Tap into your inner Count von Count and take a look at the world from an arithmomaniac’s perspective: sure, those may be faces in a crowd, lines on the highway or a handful of pretzel sticks, but they’re counting exercises, too! Get creative with this one–this contest has received a lot of entries already featuring many amusing counting exercises. Show your never-ending profile in a three-way mirror, the Lego pieces your kids left all over the floor or a parking lot full of bicycles in a progressive European country–give the Lenzr judges something to count and you could win!

The prize is a Sony laptop, courtesy of this contest’s sponsor, a team of North York accountants.

Finally, the Shafts of Sunlight photo contest is looking to see tangible lines of natural sunlight in the submissions. There is somethiShafts of Sunlight Photo Contest on Lenzr.comng divine about the way light can take on the appearance of matter–observe in the picture to the right–these shafts of sunlight look almost like monkey bars sent down from the heavens. Try to capture a similar effect in your photo. This is the most specific contest; the rules state very clearly that shafts of sunlight, not other light tricks, are the desired outcome. Snap the most spectacular shaft of sunlight and you may win!

The prize is a Sony Cyber-Shot digital camera, courtesy of the contest’s sponsor, fittingly, a sunrooms installer.

Three new chances to win an iPad on Lenzr

Following the success of last month’s contests, Lenzr just started five new contests for October/November, three of them with iPads as prizes. All the contests close Dec. 1, 2010.

Here’s a rundown:

The Backyard Critters photo contesBackyard Critters contest on Lenzrt is looking for the best shots of the animals you see out your back door. Do you have a family of pesky squirrels that try to steal birdseed? Or deer that stop by for a morning graze? Whatever creature you see playing in your backyard, Lenzr wants to see it, too. This contest is sponsored by a metal roof company that specializes in keeping houses protected from the elements.

concrete ideas photo contest on Lenzr

The Concrete Ideas contest celebrates how this amazing building material — one of the oldest around — contributes to the urban landscape. From buildings to bridges, concrete doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Use your imagination to shoot the concrete at interesting angles and show how it can be a piece of art. Sponsored by a company that specializes in insulated concrete forms, which help reduce energy consumption and emissions.

Colourful Houses photo contest on Lenzr

The Colourful Houses contest wants your shots of bright buildings you’ve seen in your neighbourhood or on your travels. These are the houses that get people talking because they’re out of the cookie-cutter norm. Show us the best colourful houses you’ve seen for your chance to win. Contest sponsored by a PVC trim company, which offers a cost-effective alternative to wood trim.

Voting on these contests starts November 20, 2010. In all three contests, the registered member that uploads the highest ranked photo will WIN AN IPAD when the contest ends on Dec. 1, 2010. Contest open to Canadians 13 years of age and older, but unfortunately it’s not valid Quebec.

Good luck!