The Emerging Retro Future Art Movement in Toronto

One thing about being the Ancestry Guru on WordPress is how it leaves me perfectly positioned to comment on the emergence of a Retro Future art movement on the internet.  Anyone who uses Twitter and subscribes to artists’ feeds is probably aware of how big the hashtag has become… And it just seems to be getting more and more popular in that medium.  Do you know what Retro Future even means?  Its art that depicts yesterday’s vision of tomorrow.  Clicking #retrofuture on Twitter will transport users to a thought-sphere of Retro Future art.

OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS at Galleries in Toronto.  Retro Future is red hot right now,


Hashtag Gallery at 801 Dundas St W in Toronto is hosting a Retro Future Art Show scheduled to start at 7pm on Thursday July 3rd 2014.   Artists are invited to submit work in this theme that they wish to sell.  No painting will be sold for more than $300 – with the single exception being the Best in Show, which is the name of the game.  The show is curated by Graeme Luey, and seeks golden age sci fi glimpses of yesterday’s perception of the future.  There’s also particular quest to find a piece that will ideologically ennoble a cozy meeting room inside a boutique advertising agency in a historic part of the city.


This piece above is from Toronto artist Ruth Wilgress and celebrates her vision of the future.

Retro Future is an emerging term used to applaud the more technologically primitive artist of the past’s vision of the future.  And it celebrates highly stylized art over accurate predictions.  The Jetsons would indeed be considered Retro Future, although probably the most pedestrian example of what are so many brilliant examples found on Twiiter or Flickr or PhotoBucket these days, or by doing a Google Image Search for Retro Future Art.

Expressive Arts Therapist Explores The Distillery District

Ruth Wilgress, a Toronto artist and expressive arts therapist has now officially taken over the reins of the Daily Distillery blog reporting on life  inside this historic complex. She’s busy doing updates, profiling the artists and their exhibitions, restaurants and theatres, coffee shops and bakeries, furniture stores and gift shops that make the district so uniquely special.

Tapesty, in bldg 58 at Distillery District, a not for profit Canadian Opera Development Company

Here she is hanging out with Amber and Anna from Tapestry, a not for profit Canadian opera development company that’s just absolutely cool!   Ruth writes about these people because she believes that anywhere artists can find support and get the proper resources to be creative in their disciplines must be celebrated, and promoted online.  These types of organizations, and the tireless passion of these people really helps make our culture more profound; as Canadian citizens their local works of music and dance makes us all richer – especially when they tell our stories. You can read Ruth’s article on Amber and Jenn from Tapesty on Daily Distillery, and maybe attend an upcoming event. Ruth encourages her readers to show your support by buying tickets.

Jacques Surveyer was recently profiled on Canada Blog Friends

webmaster and blogger Jacques Surveyer profiled on Canada Blog FriendsAfter almost three months without any updates, Canada Blog friends sprang to life again this week with an update on another great Canadian blogger. Jacques Surveyer from Cobourg Ontario is profiled on Canada Blog Friends and forever documented as a web business blogger and consultant with a penchant for photography. Jacques is quite skilled in the art of using photo finishing software to manufacture amazing images.

I was particularly moved by the story about – some thing that wasn’t mentioned in the article was that Jacques is giving free blog workshops in Cobourg to help spread the knowledge of what’s possible these days to help people in the rural community.

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