TTC DETOUR on November 18 2009

Yonge St Station as thousands of passengers line up for shuttle buses.

I was a passenger on the TTC heading south on the Yonge Line from Sheppard Station at 3:13 pm on November 18th when the train came to a stop

The passengers were herded onto Shuttle buses

Back at Eglington Station there was mayhem as thousands of commutters were headed to waiting buses and they crowded to get on

Shuttle Bus Eglinton Station Yonge Line Subway closed commuter traffic reroute











I ran into an old friend of mine from York university and his name was Brother Ian and he was yelling at the police to get a megaphone – his voice was so loud in that crowded bus station. The policeman singled him out as the loudest voice of discontent and called him over to the sidewalk – the policeman very wisely silenced him before he could infect the mob with his animosity and mob rule would rise.