Spinrite, Perfect Knit, Supplies for Knitting, Buy Yarn in Listowel Ontario

Thanks to internet shopping nobody has to drive seventy two miles west to Listowel Ontario when you can buy knitting supplies online but if you do happen to find yourself in the Queens Bush region of Ontario you could travel and shop at the Spinrite Factory Outlet Store which has all manner of coloured wool including button and bows and zippers and satin linings and hundreds of paper pattern books and thousands of balls of yarn for sale.  Here’s a nifty Urban Exploration discussion forum post offering a secret glimpse inside the Spinrite wool mill in Listowel Ontario.

dying wool at Perfect KnitListowel locals have been dying wool for half a century or more. Look here at the Victorian Era wool dying machines that occupied the buildings in the late 1800s.

Read about John Binning the Founding Father of Listowel Ontario on Dumpdiggers; he’s outlined along with mills on the Maitland river and the settlers of the Queens Bush.

Sheamus MacLean on Church Fathers, Semipelagianism

Saints killing Dragons, Sheamus MacLean, Hagiography

Last weekend we had a delightful presentation by Sheamus MacLean focusing on Dragons and Saints and how early Churchmen often make their reputations by killing Dragons which I wrote about on WonderCafe.

Sheamus is a passionate theologian as well as an calculating economic performance architect who works with senior management to consult and help close strategically important deals whereby clients achieve more significant financial gains, including increased valuation. But in his spare time Sheamus like to delve deep into the scriptures.

St. Clement is a leading Church Father

The Pope, St Clement, papacy, Vatican, logo, heraldry, emblemThe Fathers of the Christian Church were evangelical churchmen bishops, deacons and even laymen who were passionate about Christ and left writings that help define the church today. By being so literate they helped bring the religion out of its infancy and into its youth. The are the teachers and curators of the scriptures and they lived from 100 to about 750 Ad. Inside these six and a half centuries are many periods of change. First its important to remember that Christianity was illegal in the beginning and the Anti – Nicean Fathers (anti means ‘before’ in this context) who were alive when the apostles were alive, would be considered criminals if they were captured by many agents of Rome or whatever state hosted their work, as it was contrary to the official beliefs and power structures. Indeed, according to a tradition not earlier than the 4th century, Clement was imprisoned under the Emperor Trajan but nonetheless led a ministry among fellow prisoners. He was then executed by being tied to an anchor and thrown into the sea.

St. Clement stands foremost among the Apostolic Fathers who were alive during the time of the apostles; they lived from about 60 – 150 AD and their writings begin to come in the year 95 AD with St Clement’s letter from Rome to Corinth.  Think about how important these people are because they are contemporary to the apostles and knew their minds enough to best translate and proliferate their words and actions. Today St. Clement’s lends its name to many regional Grammer schools and a notable school for girls in Toronto Ontario Canada simply because he is the foremost Church Father.

The Four Marks of being a Church Father

The four marks of being a Church Father are 1) antiquity 2) orthodoxy 3) sanctity and 4) approval.

1) Antiquity , anyone has the property of antiquity if they lived between the age of the apostles and about the middle of the eighth century – the age of the
church fathers is generally considered to close around the time of St John of Damascus who died in 749 AD

2) Orthodoxy – or whether or not they had sound beliefs, in at least as far as belief was defined in their day.  Some early Church Fathers had beliefs which would later be ruled unorthodox. St John Cassian for example who authored Semipelagian discourse contrary to Saint Augustine, taught that man cannot come to God without the grace of God. In Semipelagian thought, therefore, a distinction is made between the beginning of faith and the increase of faith. Semipelagian thought teaches that the latter half – growing in faith – is the work of God, while the beginning of faith is an act of free will, with grace supervening only later. It too was labeled heresy by the Western Church in the Second Council of Orange in 529.  But St John Cassian is still a respected Church Father.

3) Sanctity–  Is the person considered a saint? Most of the church fathers are considered saints, but not all.

4) Approval – people could be considered orthodox but not get the approval of later Churchmen and so be denied the status of being a Church Father.

Next came the Apologists and they were named such because they defended the Church from those who would see it reduced in influence other religious. Hopefully Sheamus MacLean will return, a few Sundays from now, and give us more understanding of them.



Summary of 2012 Miss Teen Canada World Blog Network of Sixty Four Regional Delegates

In four months between January and April 2012 last year each of the sixty four 2012 Miss Teen Canada World Regional Delegates was issued her own regional blog domain, username and password on the Miss Teen Canada Blog Network.


Each contestant took the time to read the How To Blog instruction manual and probably wrote a half dozen test posts and did practice posting pictures and links before handcrafting her first introductory post. You can read all of the blogger’s first posts below.

Here are the first introductions and ABOUT ME style content bytes that the 2012 Miss Teen Canada World contenders put on their regional blogs,
































































Dr Archer was Moderator on Mentor Night

There was a reputable Toronto Dentist and Zack Werner

A handcrafted 2012 Miss Teen Canada World Mentor Night Squidoo lens explains all of the subtleties of the program and details that participants and what was expected of the bloggers on this occasion

Making A Christmas Market in Toronto Distillery District

making the atomic clock, reed switch, solar in the distillery district of TorontoA lot work went into making the 2011 Toronto Christmas Market happen inside the historic Distillery District complex at 55 Mill St near Cherry St and Lakeshore, which is perhaps the oldest part of the old ‘Muddy York’.

Distillery District, red brick, cobble, Toronto mortgage broker, reed switchFirst the construction crew had to install and decorate a 45 ft White Spruce Christmas Tree that was donated by Trees Ontario. The tree is an absolute spectacle with over twelve thousand reed switch component light bulbs and ornaments and is topped with a shiny silver star.

Next they had to fix and reinstall the old fashioned clock tower. It disappeared from the site after it was knocked over by a box truck earlier in the year. This majestic chronometer really steals the scene and is the subject of countless photos taken here at the distillery. The fifteen foot tall clock  is always on time and doubles as a light source at night.

preparing the distillery district, reed switch, Christmas tree, cobblestonesIs that a suction truck at the base of the clock? Yes. The Distillery is built on marshy land and not much higher than Lake Ontario. Today the water table is so darn high in the Distillery District that this truck is required to come and suck the water from the spongy ground before cement can be poured and foundations can be secured, even for such small things as old fashion clocks.

Next the construction crew had to assemble over fifty wooden box vendor huts from materials that were donated by Loews.

Also present on the list of achievements is the world class audio sound system that pipes holiday cheer through speakers hung throughout the complex, and the food vendors that serve delicious meals made fresh with organic ingredients and cultural delicacies imported from all over the world.

eleves make the santa maze , Distillery Lane, Toronto mortgage broker

Oh yes the building of Santa’s maze in which you can see here was accomplished by an army of yellow safety jacketed elves.

The 2011 Toronto Christmas Market exists in the shadow of the  half completed forty four story Gooderham condominium building in the background, and the extension of the development upwards into the sky. Toronto mortgage broker says the measured strength of the cultural scene on the streets and below developments helps leverage the true value of the real estate market above.

The Gooderham inside The Distillery District in TorontoThe shopping mall below the two towers, some of which will be completed by spring 2012 is reputed to include a Toronto dentist beside a business center hair salons and a Japanese Sushi bar, oh and a Mexican restaurant with state-of-the-art web karaoke machines.
Now in its second year, the 2011 Toronto Christmas Market at the historic Distillery has more street vendors, buskers and costumed performers, more live stage shows and the entire compound is licensed for alcohol. The Toronto Christmas Market is a European market style attraction that’s slowly evolving by continuous improvement into its own uniquely Canadian festival.  There’s nothing else quite like it anywhere else in Canada.