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Cloud Warriors Brings Competitive Cloud Service to Social Clubs

Deb Lewis, Cloud Warriors, cloud servicesCloud Warriors is a nightclub attraction that tests everyday office worker’s device assisted research skills and mini keyboard typing prowess.  Its just like any other trivia game, except the questions are extremely difficult to answer without some smartphone based internet research. The players must use their devices to search the web for clues and find the correct data, and then tweet their answers with #CloudWarriors hashtag so it appears on a specialized Twitter Wall set to display all replies in chronological order – the first correct answer wins the cash!

Using just two of the five televisions above the bar, and another dedicated video projector and screen in the lounge, Cagneys Wine Bar in Mississauga was transformed into an exciting live game show studio.

cagneys regularsIn this unique space the restaurant patrons became active game show participants, esp when encouraged to compete by a charismatic Host with a wad of crisp green twenty dollar bills. The regulars mingled with nomadic contesters who drove great distances to attend the event. They had all seen detailed and compelling event listings for the Cloud Warriors event on SmartCanucks, Warrior Forums, and Free Ads Planet. and Red Flag Deals and Toronto Jungle and other places.

Rusty Bob on Mindsay describes how Cloud Warriors started, and detailed how the Host socialized with the people in the bar and treated many folks to free beverages and appetizers before and during the game. Menu items were frequently featured in the contest and as related prizes for correct answers.

cloud warrior with smart phone answerCloud Warriors is a live trivia game where the questions are nearly impossible to answer without having the Internet in the palm of your hands. The contestants used their phones to surf the web and and oftentimes what they choose to search is what won or lost their game. Generally speaking the information wasn’t that easy to secure, and usually required doing a really creative search, or using special tools like maps or conversion tables to secure the proper answers.

At one point the Host of the show introduced the team from SURROUND Digital Marketing Agency and with great applause he asked patrons to tweet their drink orders and then promptly paid for the first ten beverage orders that appeared on screen.

Cloud Warriors
The game started off pretty easy with questions about menu items, but got progressively harder as more and more people joined the fray, and the level and complexity of the challenges increased with every task. One highlight of the evening is when the bartender got involved to successfully answer a question about a drink recipe.

And another contest competitor got a lot of laughs by trying to use Siri on the apple iPhone to do his research and surprisingly he had reasonably good results, but she wasn’t nearly fast enough to win him any $20 dollar bills. One of the hardest questions asked contestors to write out the meaning of S.W.A.T. anagram in SWAT Wildlife Racoon Removal – it stands for specialized wildlife apprehension technician.

After four separate rounds of five questions each, the game concluded with one grand prize question to give the event a clear winner

donated by TeraGo Networks, this is cloud service wifi antennaDonated by TeraGo Cloud Service Networks the Grand Prize was an IdeaWorks WiFi antenna that’s specially designed to facilitate a remote computer’s ability to log onto and use networks up to a half mile away. This is ideal for a city like Mississauga which has dozens of Starbucks and other wifi friendly coffee shops and open hotspots all over town. There is a discussion about the WiFi antenna Grand Prize and Cloud Warriors on Howard Forums. .

The audience had a memorable event to remember forever, the staff was impacted by the surge of people into the venue and the increase in tips associated with having prize money buying drinks and meals. The restaurant owner was thrilled with the social media marketing advances and several other local businesses were promoted in the show which adds to the snese of community so vital to businesses not sheltered in shopping malls.

myCELLmyTERMS Captures $400K on CBC Dragons’ Den

Dragons Den episode4 , Season 4 played at 8pm Wednesday night, Oct 21st on CBC television. This is always very exciting television and last night was no exception as the investors were at their best, and the business that came walking in was all very interesting…  But honestly nothing looking super profitable, except the four men from a new start-up web service that hopes to revolutionize the way Canadians buy cell time. That could be very profitable…

myCELLmyTERMS started strong as Kye Husbands explained how their process was an improvement on today’s existing service model, because on their website the customer chooses his own cellular service rate plan with all the desired trimmings, and then myCELLmyTERMS goes out and does the legwork to try and find dealers that are interested in aquiring the new business and willing to match each request point for point. This is win win as the customer gets ultimate choice and the dealer has the account…  Yes the team was doing very well, until Kevin asked about ‘the monthlies’ and thats when it was revealed that the team was only charging Dealers a one time fee…

Kevin was upset at not getting any reoccurring revenue and his dissatisfaction was echoed in the expressions and statements of the other investors – Brett seemed anxious to get Kevin out of the arena and he would have left had Arlene not entered a bid of $200K cash and 200K in services.

Kevin wanted to ‘squeeze their heads’ but Brett joined Arlene by offering to provide 100K worth of cash for a quarter of Arlene’s deal.  And so that’s how it broke down. Paul Peic had the most transcending moment of the encounter when he leapt up on the riser to give Arlene a hug and a handshake as they accepted her offer.

This morning, I read @myCELLmyTERMS twitter update that reported that myCELLmyTERMS had over 10,000 visitors last night, and so right now I’m sure all four entrepreneurs are working hard,  busy helping Canadians get better rates for cellular service.